Collaborating with Toox

TOOX DESIGN is an online platform that offers reinterpreted products with artisanal touches in order to bring a fresh voice to the industry. In this way, each product maintains an aesthetic that echoes uniqueness and brings continual originality to your life.

Speaking with TOOX DESIGN’s core team, we have discovered that their main passion is to design minimalist modern life pieces while creating living spaces that combine functionality and style. Functionality is a critical aspect of design because it ensures that the end product serves its intended purpose effectively. Without functionality, a design is merely an aesthetic object with no practical value. TOOX designs are inspired by contemporary aesthetics and focus on clean lines, neutral colors, and functional features. In addition to their established furniture collection, they also offer carefully selected products from international companies that are in line with their minimalist philosophy. 

Creative industries require new and original ideas to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Collaborating with others can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, leading to more innovative and unique outcomes. As Adaste Home, we are happy to announce that we are working in collaboration with TOOX DESIGN and our current collection is now available on their website. Our goal is to reach more customers in a wider range of countries to offer unique options that will help you, our customers, create a stylish wardrobe and living space that reflects your unique style and personality. By working together with TOOX DESIGN,  we believe that our creativity will grow and enable us to more personalized products in our future collections.

Discover TOOX DESIGN website in order to join our journey to explore unique and minimalist designs that make each second of your life perfect pleasure.