Welcoming Spring

“When I was a kid, I loved the outdoors. I remember the joy I felt at being in my grandfather’s garden. I loved everything about it, the shapes of the trees, the smell and feel of the soil and the satisfaction of picking fruit or gathering flowers and vegetables. Most of all, however, l loved trying to make friends with the animals that my grandfather kept there. I wanted to take them home to our own little garden so that I could name them all and become friends with them. These childhood encounters with nature inspired me in many ways. Even at an early age I would doodle endlessly and every scrap of paper I would fill with designs of plants and animals. My hands were invariably covered with either mud or charcoal. I was lucky to have this freedom.” These are the words of Adaste Home’s designer, Mert Celebi.

Unfortunately we are living through difficult times, many of us stuck in our homes. This can be especially frustrating for young children who need to be outdoors experiencing the joys of the natural world. With the arrival of spring, our team here at Adaste have decided to bring some of the outdoors to your children at home. We have prepared a Spring Kit for children, which we hope will inspire them to engage with nature and encourage them to express their creativity. We in turn look forward to sharing their artistic visions, which we know will in turn inspire us.

Please share your children’s artworks with us and feel free to tag us @adastehome on Instagram.

Enjoy the Spring!