Blooming with Hope: a Celebration of Spring

To some of us spring means joy for the freshness of life. For others it signifies renewal, growth and hope for new beginnings. In many cultures around the world the beginning of spring is a time of celebration, family gatherings and a welcome to the coming months. Let’s think about some of the different examples from different cultures.

One of the spring holidays, widely celebrated in many European countries and the United States, is of course the event in the Christian calendar known as Easter. Although it falls on a different date each year, it is always in Spring and close to the equinox. Depending on local culture and traditions it is celebrated differently in each region. Along with its religious ceremonies, Easter eggs have become a symbol of this festival. Baskets of beautifully decorated eggs may be put on display or fancy chocolate eggs hidden around the garden for children to collect. Eggs in themselves can be seen as symbolizing the beginning of new life. In Japan it’s the cherry blossom trees that represents the blooming of spring. Families traditionally have picnics under the cherry trees at this time of year. In the ancient Celtic culture the arrival of spring was celebrated as Ostera which reflected fertility. For those people planting seeds was important, representing the renewal of life following the winter season.

Here in Turkey, spring is marked by the long standing festival of Nowruz (known in Turkish as Nevruz). This holiday, recognised by the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is celebrated at the beginning of May throughout parts of the Middle East and Central Asia. It symbolizes rebirth and renewal. During Nowruz friends and families gather to enjoy traditional foods and homemade drinks and to make wishes for a bright future. An important part of the festival is to light a fire on the ground and take turns jumping over it. This symbolizes leaving the last year behind and beginning a hopeful year ahead.

Spring is know as “Bahar” in Turkey and is the season to appreciate the beauty of nature and the promise of a new start. It is associated with the planting of crops and the blooming of flowers. The countryside is suddenly bright with wild red tulips (a symbol here, often depicted in textile and ceramic designs). Tulips are also cultivated here in large numbers and every year, in April, the Istanbul Tulip Festival takes place. It is a celebration of the beauty of these flowers and attracts visitors from all over the world.

To us here at Adaste Home, spring is the time when we cherish the ecological craftwork that we create with our local artisans. In particular we celebrate the season by developing new ranges of ecological prints on locally woven silk fabrics. Our designer, who is himself passionate about nature, is already gathering fresh species of flowers and leaves from the mountain sides to create this season’s new ecoprint designs.

Whether it is admiring the beauty of nature, renewing your mood for spring, or simply enjoying the longer days and warmer weather, there are many reasons to appreciate the season. So embrace this time of year and let us be an inspiration in bringing a spring atmosphere to your homes with our fresh floral designs.

From Adaste Home, we wish you all bright spring days!